7 tips for good sleep | how to sleep fast in 15 minutes

(sleep fast in 15 minutes)- In today’s busy life, a problem that is seen in every other person is disturbed sleeping patterns or insomnia. Sleep deprivation affects our entire lifestyle. Fatigue, weakness, loss of eyesight, agitation, mood swings, etc are the main side effects.
Only those who are going through this problem can understand the value of good and deep sleep. Let us know some such methods by adopting which you can sleep fast in 15 minutes, it will help you feel refreshed throughout the day.

Set a bedtime and wake uptime-
Most people sleep late at night which is quite common these days but this habit can be very dangerous in long run. Therefore, a person should fix his sleeping and waking time and try his best to follow it. To keep the body full day energetic, we need to take 6 to 8 hrs sleep every day.
Even if there is a delay in sleeping at night, we should try that we get up at the right time, so that the sleeping time is not disturbed, if you follow your sleeping and waking time then you will see that after some time You will start falling asleep on your own at the right time without any effort which is very beneficial for your health.



Say No to Coffee & Tea-
Many people have a habit of drinking tea and coffee before sleeping at night, change this habit immediately, if you want to take tea or coffee, then have it 3-4 hours before sleeping, but not at bedtime. And if possible, use green tea or herbal tea instead of tea, coffee. These beverages (Coffee and tea) contain caffeine, which can disturb your peaceful sleep at night. Therefore, avoid using them while sleeping at night.


Hot water bath-

If you take a bath with hot water before sleeping at night, it relaxes the body and nervous system, and it is very helpful for better sleep, according to research, if you take a hot water bath 90 minutes before bedtime, it helps You fall asleep more quickly.

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Deep Breathing exercises-
These exercises are very helpful in taking a good sleep, you can also do it while laying on a bed, take a deep breath and then release it slowly, repeat this for 5 to 10 mins,
you can also do another simple exercise, slowly take a deep breath from the right nostril and then exhale it from left nostril, then inhale from a left nostril and exhale from the right one, do it for 5 to 10 minutes. these 2 simple exercises will relax your body and mind and help you in a sound sleep.


Warm milk-
If you drink warm milk before bedtime, then it proves to be very useful in getting sleep because it contains niacin amino acid which promotes sleep. For better results, mix a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a cup of warm milk and drink it 1 hour before sleeping.


Relaxing music/sounds-
Before sleeping at night, you could listen to relaxing music or sounds in a low voice by putting headphones in your ears, but keep one thing in mind that it does not contain lyrics, otherwise your mind could get engaged in lyrics. Piano Music, Waves Sound, Rain Sounds, Flute Music, etc you could easily find such music on youtube. With the help of the same, you will feel yourself in a different world, which will completely relax you and be very helpful in sound sleep.

Don’t watch horror movies before sleeping-
if we see a scary movie at night, then scary scenes keep swirling in our mind which creates a hindrance to good sleep, so we should keep away from these kinds of movies before sleeping.


7 tips for good sleep | how to sleep fast in 15 minutes
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