7 signs of a fake friend | Spot a fake friend

How to spot a fake friend– Friendship is such a relationship, which we choose according to our own will and choice. On whom we start trusting more than our family many times because there is only one friend, With whom we share our happiness, sorrow, problems of our heart without any hesitation. But in today’s era, it is very difficult to find a true friend.
Nowadays it is seen that people become friends only for their petty self-interest and When the purpose of their friendship is fulfilled (or they feel that the purpose for which they have befriended does not seem to be fulfilled), then they make a distance, nowadays most of the people are like this only, so we should always stay away from such lousy and selfish people-
Here are some tips which will help you to spot a  fake friend-

Fairweather friend-
Friendship is recognized only in bad times, whoever is your true friend, he will never see your time whether good times are going on or bad, he will always stand with you, on the other hand, a fake friend in your good times will be together, but if the time changes, So he will slip away silently by making some excuse or the other.
If someone does this and you are sure that the person in front has deliberately left you, then this is a signal to get away from such a person.

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Whenever you achieve any success in your life, Your true friend will become happy for you and it is quite visible in his eyes, you can also able to feel that his feelings are genuine, on the other hand, your fake friend will be filled with jealousy and irritability on your success, maybe he can also congratulate you and also pretend to be happy for you, but if you use your little bit of common sense, then you can easily figure it out that who is really happy and who is just pretending.


Mostly they only talk about themselves-
Generally, it has been seen that friends who are like this, they mostly like to talk only about themselves like I did this, I went there, I am going to do this in my life, my career, my likes, my dislikes blah blah, most of their words are limited to themselves only. They generally don’t care much about what’s going on in your life.
Even if you talk about yourself, then after talking about it for a while, again they will come with their silly issues, they will make you feel like they have nothing to do with your life. Keeping our self-respect high, we should keep our distance from such people.

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They always seem to need something from you-
If your friend keeps expecting something (especially money) from you all the time and puts constant pressure to fulfill his demand and gets annoyed or upset very quickly if you express inability to do that work then it is a big sign that he is with you only for his selfish motives. Sometimes asking for any help is quite ok (without any emotional blackmailing), but every time a person is after you with new demand, then it is better to stay away from such a person.

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Lousy people have a special habit, they will be very sweet on your face and completely different behind your back, it is quite difficult to catch such people because they are very clever. But if you somehow get to know for sure that your so-called friend is spreading lies or rumors about you or just generally trash-talking, then one thing is certain that he is not your friend.

Note– Sometimes we make our mind by looking at the personality of another person that he must be talking nonsense about us, our notion could be right, and sometimes it can also be wrong, so before arriving at any decision, a little research must be done.


Repetitious behavior-
If your friend once insulted or hurt you and in return, you ignore or forgive his mistake considering him childish or naive, but if he continues to behave in the same way, that’s a big red flag. After all, how long will you forgive too, everything has a limit. Instead of tolerating such friends, it is wiser to part your ways from them. Marilyn Monroe once quoted, “It’s better to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone – so far.”


No apologies-
It has often been seen that true friends always take care of your feelings and if by mistake they hurt your feelings, then they come from the front and ask for forgiveness without hesitation, in their eyes your importance is much more than their ego. On the other hand, some people never accept their mistakes instead of apologizing they make you feel like you have done something wrong to them, we need to be careful with such people.

7 signs of a fake friend | Spot a fake friend
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