7 ways to be happy in life

Friends, happiness is the most important part of our life. We do mostly our works to be happy. When any person Chooses happiness in every situation,  he feels very light and comfortable from the inside. On the other hand,
if he is under stress, his mind becomes very agitated and he does not feel like doing any work, and it affects his physical and mental health very badly, that’s why we should try our best to Choose happiness in every situation and be calm all the time.
Here are 7 ways to be happy in life-

Always choose happiness and positivity-
Happiness and sadness are two sides of our life. In every situation we have 2 options, one is to be relaxed and calm in every situation and the second is to get agitated and sad.
Being happy doesn’t mean that you are laughing in every situation without any reason. it means that you are stable from the inside irrespective of the situation.
Reiterate these lines in your heart daily that, ” I will choose positivity, calmness, and happiness whatever the circumstances come in my way. When we keep reminding ourselves to be calm in every situation, then gradually it will become our habit. and habit gradually becomes our nature, so be happy, calm, and relaxed in every situation.


Be yourself and don’t compare yourself with others-
Comparing yourself to others is wrong, every person is different, it is right to praise someone for their talent or good deeds, but if you constantly think about other person’s talent, money or status then it will be very disturbing for you, in most of the cases it has seen that people use to compare their life with their successful relatives, friends or celebrities and become constantly agitated in their heart, it is very painful. there is a famous saying that “the grass is always greener on the other side“. Every person has his destiny, what kind of life someone else is living is none of our business, he is responsible for it, and the same way we are responsible for our life that’s why it is a futile exercise to think about someone else life constantly and consider yourself a loser, so for our mental well being be happy with who you are and what you have.


Live in Present moment-
According to doctors, 60% to 80% of the time of most people goes in thinking about the future plans, past regrets, and other useless things.
If we analyze the cause of our stress, then we will realize that 90% of our stress is due to our past or future, we hardly live in our present moment.
If the cause of stress is in the past, then nothing can be done about it now, so by taking unnecessary stress we are leaving the virus in our own minds.
If the cause of stress is any fear of the future, then the present will decide its future.
Therefore, if we live in the present, then the future will be good and if we keep on fearing that fear which has not yet arisen, then we will spoil our present and our present will spoil our future.
That’s why we should live in the present and make it the best because we have no control over neither the past nor the future.


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Follow your passion-
Give some time to your hobby out of the whole day, you should do some creative work that gives peace and happiness to your mind,
Like dancing, music, writing, or anything that calms your mind. every man has his interests
So whatever you love doing,  devote some time (minimum half hour) of the day to it.
And if a hobby becomes a career, then nothing can be better than that, but it is rarely seen, so in such a situation, whatever work you are doing, find happiness in it and also take your hobby along with it. and it may also be possible because of your relentless efforts, your hobby will become your profession, but even if it does not happen, you should not give up your passion because it is necessary to give you a blissful life.

Note- But one thing we have to keep in mind is that whatever our passion or hobby is, it should be our real passion, some times we people
misunderstand our real passion, for example, we see a famous actor and being inspired by his acting, name, and fame, we also try to act like him and by delivering some lines in the same manner, we assume that we are also a great actor and acting is our real passion.
Whereas we do not have any such talent, if the hobby is not real, then it also becomes boring later. So it has to be kept in mind that passion should come from inside and not really be influenced by other factors.
Yoga and meditation are very helpful in removing stress-
Through meditation and yoga, we remain mentally and physically healthy.
Along with physical diseases, our mental disorders are also minimized and we become mentally capable, it helps us to lead a blissful life.


Never expect anything from anyone-
If you want to be happy in life then don’t expect anything from anyone, whether it is any person or situation, Expectations are the root cause of our suffering. In today’s world, expecting anything from anyone is like making a fool of yourself. Do your work honestly without any expectations, it is essential for our mental peace.

so, these are the 7 ways which you can apply in your life and be happy and calm in every situation.


7 ways to be happy in life
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