7 tips to increase your height

Having a good height enhances the personality, every person wants to have a good height so that he looks more attractive
Along with making the personality attractive, the benefits of good height are also found in many jobs such as modeling, sports, police, army, etc. It is often believed that the height increases only till a particular age (18 to 21 years) or the height of the children is according to the height of the parents, To a large extent this is true, In some cases, it has been seen that even after a particular age, the height of the person has increased but it is very rare.
If we want to increase our height, we should start our efforts at the right time.
Some ways to increase height are as follows-

Balanced diet-

Whatever diet we consume has a direct effect on our health and also on our height in the initial years. So we should take great care of our diet, especially for the children and the young ones. If the body does not get the right diet, the height could get affected. We should include proteins and vitamins in our diet in abundance, only then it will be considered as a balanced diet. In our diet, we should include green vegetables, fruits, soybeans, milk, eggs, sprouted grains, lentils, oatmeal, nuts and seeds, chicken, fish, etc.
The consumption of fast food should be minimal and completely abstain from cigarettes and alcohol.


Aerobics exercise-

From adolescence, a person should pay attention to physical exercise, At least 1 hour should be devoted to exercise or to any kind of physical activity, Simple aerobics exercises like cycling, stairs climbing, Brisk walking, running, jogging, etc are very helpful in not only burning fat but doing same is also very helpful in increasing your height.


Stretching exercises-
Stretching exercises are very useful in increasing height, we should do these exercises daily, due to this the body remains fit, stretching exercises like Bar Hanging, Wall Stretch, Dry Land Swimming, forward bend, Pilates Roll Over, Pelvic Lift, Forward Spine Stretch, Cobra Stretch are some examples of easy exercises which we can include for 10 to 15 minutes in our daily exercise routine.

Cobra pose
Cobra pose



Skipping and Basketball-

Jumping rope helps in increasing your height very fast. During skipping, the blood circulation increases, which puts pressure on the bones and it expands. The body develops due to the expansion of bones and it results in increases the height. Along with skipping, if you have a passion for sports, then you should play basketball. this game involves lots of running and jumping on the court. Too much physical activity increases blood flow in your body, which is very beneficial to increase your height. You people must have also noticed that the height of basketball players is very good.

Yoga is very helpful in increasing height. Early morning, if we do some yoga, poses like Mountain pose, cobra pose, seated forward band, tree pose, and triangle pose, then there is a good possibility that our height gets increase.

tree pose
tree pose


Getting enough sleep-
It is very important to take good and deep sleep at night because at night when we sleep in a deep state, at that time body make new tissues, along with the repairing of old tissues, pituitary-gland works even in sleep, so it is very important to take almost 7 to 8 hrs of sleep, which also helps in increasing the height.

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7 tips to increase your height
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