8 Signs she is secretly in love with you

8 Signs she is secretly in love with you,
If any of your friends (girl) has started liking you secretly, then she will definitely try to tell you about her feelings in some gestures.
Most girls feel shy to express their feelings, they are a little hesitant to take the initiative. Usually, girls give some signs and want you to understand them and take the next step. Here we will discuss 8 Signs she is secretly in love with you-

If a girl often gives you compliments for your looks, hair, dressing sense, or any other thing, then there is a great possibility that she has something for you in her heart. If a girl appreciates you a couple of times, then it is quite normal, because friends also keep praising each other, but repeatedly someone is complimenting and sometimes without any special reason. it is a clear sign that something is cooking.
8 Signs she is secretly in love with you

She’s always available for you-
If a girl is interested in you, then no matter how busy she is, she will make time for you,
A girl never wastes her precious time on a guy she’s not interested in. If she is investing her major time in you means you are special.

She will remember small details about you-
it has often been seen that whenever a girl likes a boy, she tries to know everything related to him and remember them. If there is a girl around you, who almost remembers everything related to you like your birthday, first job, favorite food, movie, song, etc, and also expects you the same, then this is a clear hint, that she is into you.

Her friends know about you-
If a girl likes you, she is not shy away when it comes to speaking about you to her friends. for instance, if you meet one of her close friends and she says” I’ve heard so much about you” if this ever happened to you means she likes to talk about you in your absence, it’s a positive sign that she likes you a whole lot.

Want to look beautiful-
If the girl has feelings for you, then she will try to look her best in front of you. Secretly checking in the mirror to see if she looks fine, checking her hair, makeup is the sign which shows that she wants to charm you with her beauty.
8 Signs she is secretly in love with you
She laughs even at your bad jokes-
If the girl often laughs even at your bad jokes, it simply means that she likes you, otherwise there cannot be any other reason to do so.

Makes an effort to keep in touch-
if she texts or call you quite often, or is very responsive to the same, means you are on her priority list. There is a famous saying “some talk to you in their free time, some free their time to talk to you”. Now, analyze your interactions with her keeping this quote in mind.

Social media-
If a girl often likes your pics, videos on social media and keeps appreciating you (especially your looks) by commenting on them, then it is a quite positive sign.

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8 Signs she is secretly in love with you
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