6 Signs your GF is cheating on you

Signs your GF is cheating on you-
From few days, if your girlfriend’s behavior seems to have changed, she is not spending as much time as she used to, a new friend has entered her life, or any other unusual change in her behavior which is creating doubt in your mind, then this article will help you to clear your doubts about her loyalty. Here are the clear 6 signs your girlfriend is cheating on you-

Making excuses to not go out
The girl who used to find excuses to go out now started making lame excuses for not meeting you like a sudden illness, lots of work pending in office, any friend or relative unexpectedly came in from out of town, etc. If she does this couple of times then the benefit of doubt can be given to her but if every time there is a new excuse not to meet you then it means alarm bells have rung.


A new friend

If a new male friend has arrived into your girlfriend’s life, and now most of her talks revolve around that boy only, then be careful.
This could be a warning of an impending storm, Sometimes talking about or praising someone is not a big deal, but often discussing the same person with enthusiasm, advising you to learn something from him, making unnecessary comparisons, and finding him better, all these signs indicate that something is cooking behind your back.

6 signs your girlfriend is cheating on you
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Don’t touch my phone-
From a few days, if your girlfriend became quite conscious about her phone, tries her best to keep the mobile away from your reach, it may be possible she is hiding something from you, going outside to attend phone calls, giving more time to phone when you are together or blushing while talking on the phone, frequently changing her phone password, keeping extra phone is one of the major signs your girlfriend is cheating on you.
GF is cheating


Late replies-

The girl who used to message from the front now is not even replying to your messages properly or is replying too late, and on asking, making some lame excuses, If something like this is happening with you so it simply means that she does not feel like talking to you anymore, these are the initial gestures of the girl that she is getting bored in a relationship.



Hiding password-

In a relationship, it is often seen that couples share their Facebook or Insta passwords, it fortifies their trust in each other, but if your girlfriend is not revealing her social media account’s password or even if she tells, then changes it later, it simply means that she is hiding something from you.

Social media-

The girl who was accustomed to liking or commenting on your every post, now she has stopped doing the same or seldom gives you attention on social media, it is a big signal that you are no more on her priority list.

6 Signs your GF is cheating on you
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