English Quiz-1

Test and improve your knowledge of English grammar by playing this fun “English Quiz”.
Pass- 6 Answers or more.

English Quiz-2
english Quiz


general knowledge quiz

English Quiz-1

General knowledge quiz

English Quiz-1

#1. Would you _____ to go?

#2. Nobody knew that one day he _____ be famous.

#3. I asked him to walk faster but he ________ at first.

#4. He has been absent _____ last Monday.

#5. Mr. Tom ___ three brothers

#6. The new shop___ everything.

#7. ___ you heard about my new car?

#8. If i ____ you i would buy it as soon as possible

#9. I didn’t ____ anyone there.

#10. Does anybody know where she ___?


English Quiz-1
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