General Knowledge Quiz-1

Test your General Knowledge by playing this GK Quiz, it covers questions fromĀ  different fields, Read question carefully and gives theĀ  answer ( Pass- 7 Answers or more)
Fail( Less than 7 answers)
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General Knowledge quizWell Done!

General Knowledge Quiz-1

General Knowledge quiz

General Knowledge Quiz-1

#1. Which country is also known as the " land of rising sun"?

#2. Which is the smallest ocean in the world?

#3. Which country gifted the statue of liberty to USA in 1886?

#4. In which ocean, "Bermuda triangle" is located ?

#5. Which continent is known as dark continent?

#6. White elephant is found in which country?

#7. What is the total number of oceans?

#8. Which country is also known as the land of the blue sky?

#9. Which mountain is known as the "roof of the world"?

#10. Which one is the biggest island in the world?

#11. Which country has the world's largest prison population?

#12. Which river flows through the center of London?


General Knowledge Quiz-1
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