General Knowledge Quiz-2

Test your General Knowledge by playing this GK Quiz, it covers questions fromĀ  different fields, Read question carefully and gives the answer ( Pass- 7 Answers or more)
Fail(Less than 7 Answers)
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General Knowledge quizWell Done!

General Knowledge Quiz-2

General knowledge quiz

General Knowledge Quiz-2

#1. Longest river in the world is_____.

#2. Which one is the largest continent in the world ?

#3. Which country discovered zero?

#4. What is the full form of UNO?

#5. What is the nearest planet to earth?

#6. How much water present on the earth?

#7. H2SO4 is the chemical formula of which acid?

#8. What is not found in Shark?

#9. How many elements are there in the periodic table?

#10. Which planet is known as earth's twin?

#11. What is the real name of WWE famous wrestler " Big show"?

#12. Who is the first woman to land on moon?


General Knowledge Quiz-2
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