Shahrukh Quiz-3

How well do you know about Shahrukh khan, test your knowledge by playing this fun Shahrukh Quiz.
Pass – ( 7 Answers or more) Fail- (less than 7 answers).

Shahrukh Quiz-2


shahrukh quizWell done!

Shahrukh Quiz-3

shahrukh quiz

Shahrukh Quiz-3

#1. "Khoye khoye din hai, tanha tanha raat hai " song is from which movie?

#2. Which song is sung by Shahrukh himself?

#3. What is the name of Shahrukh khan's sister?

#4. Which singer announced that he will never sing for Shahrukh again?

#5. SRK is the brand ambassador of which educational app?

#6. At which stadium SRK was Banned from Entering for 5 Years ?

#7. DDLJ is still running in which cinema hall from 25 years?

#8. While shooting ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ all dancers were tied to the train for protection, except Shahrukh khan.

#9. A species of which flower has been named after SRK?

#10. "Rehne de tu nahin samjhega" is from?



Shahrukh Quiz-3
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